Blenders and Fish

"This is an insane and foolish idea," fumed Bent Schroder, director of the Danish subsidiary of Moulinex after visiting the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding. "Not only is it sadistic, but it is a flagrant abuse of our company name, which risks being associated in the public mind with this vile exhibit."

But the exhibit in question (which had been conceived and built by the self-styled artist Marco Evaristti) was vigorously defended by the museum's director, Peter Meyer. "Marco's work consists of ten Moulinex blenders, each filled with water, and each containing a goldfish. A sign tells visitors that they can decide whether the fish live or die. This gives freedom of choice to the public conscience on whether or not to push the death button. It's quite existential really. Of course a truly wicked person can always turn on the mixers and transform the fish into mush, and sometimes they do, but most just look. So far, nine fish have been liquefied. They are difficult to remove. We use a tea strainer."

Animal rights activists in Denmark abducted seven of the original ten fish when the exhibit firs topened, but these were soon replaced by the museum. They have also tried to cut off the museum's electricity supply, so far without success.

AFP, 18/2/2000


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